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Self-Care Weekend Numero Uno (#1) - 4/24/2021

Updated: May 25, 2021

Took my first solo self-care weekend!

This was MUCH needed after a tough past few months

(will share more soon.)

I cooked one of my favorite meals (salmon, potatoes and broccoli)

and cinnamon rolls for dessert,

got a mani/pedi w/ a complimentary mixed drink,

watched Godzilla vs. Kong (I will review this @ some point lol),

played music very loudly and made Tik Toks.

Oh, and best of all... FINALLY began the creation of my website!

& that's pretty much the summary of my 1st self-care weekend.

I made the decision to have a #SCW once a month. Stay tuned for May!

Scroll down to see pics & videos on this $tory BoRed

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